Hot Stamping Machine


The hot stamping press contains a heating element that heats up the die or type; the stamping process when the Stamping Machine press the heated die or type with the foil and transfers the ink from the foil onto the part to be marked.  The Machine then lifts the die or type at the end of the marking cycle leaving behind a crisp, permanent, ink impression on the part.

Benefits of Hot foil Stamping,

  1. It  is a flexible process allowing the user to mark a variety of different materials including most plastics, rubber, leather, fabrics, and paper.
  2. hot stamping foils produce a permanent direct part mark that will last for years under even the toughest of conditions
  3.  Hot stamping is a very simple, robust, and reliable marking process.

Foil enhances a printed product lifting the appearance to a new level.

We manufacture Manual and Semi-automatic  Hot Stamping Machines and Hot Foil transfer machines. We use robust  industrial motors for foil rewinding system. Our semiautomatic machine are pneumatically operated with micro adjustment for precision pressure.

We Use High Density cartridge heaters for long life of heating element and accurate temperature.

By using HMI. PLC and PID temperature controller of Delta, we can easily achieve accurate temperature. Correct time and pressure on the machine. also foil rewinding can be done with minimum wastage of foil.

Maintenance of the machine and down time of production is negligible.

Our highly qualified team works in close proximity with our clients to meet their requirements with utmost efficiency. These machines are manufactured as per the various industrial standards which ensure their high quality standards and durability. The various machines we offer are as follows.


Semi- Automatic Hot Stamping Machine


  • Operator friendly Machine design.
  • Strong Machine construction
  • X, Y table with Micro Adjustment
  • Easy Pneumatic Up and down movement of the stamping Head with Micro pressure adjustment
  • HMI for  pressure time, for delay time, for foil feed adjustment.
  • High efficient heater device for quick and easy hot stamping, with PID controller And Ampere Display.
  • Front and Back movement of table manually or pneumatically ( Optional)
  • Operating temperature can be adjusted from 0 ~ 400°C easily and accurately.
  • High quality HD heaters for quick and even temperature.
  • Quick adjustment of job with micro-adjustment.
  • Foil feeder with special motor rotates very accurately.
  • Both hands push button ( Optional) prevent an industrial accident.
  • Single Cycle and Autocycle operation.
  • Production Count. Batch quantity seatable.
  • Round attachment (optional)


Flat and Round Hot Stamping Machine

Auto Unloading /Indexing /Slide table

PLC Controlled

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Manual Flat Hot Stamping Machine


  • Table Top Models Saves Space
  • Easy to operate No Maintenance
  • For small surfaces which needs hard pressure
  • Digital temperature controlling.
  • Easy Height adjustment
  • Foil winding through motorised process and digital timer.Accurate adjustment can be made during process without losing gold foil.
  • HD Cartridge heaters
  • Max temperature up to 300 Deg.
  • The hot plate can be pulled out and easy to replace
  • Application:

    To use in printing of name cards, photos, shoe cover, shoe pad, leather belt, wallets, Plastic jewelry boxes, spectacle boxes and such types of items


Gear mechanism Easy To Operate

Digital Temperature and Foil Rewinding

Stamping area  4"x 5"

Stamping  Samples


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